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DBA in International Relations
DBA in International Management

The DBA is truly a degree whose time has come.

Many business professionals would like to pursue additional education to develop added expertise of the highest level, and to gain a competitive edge over others with the same degree.

The DBA—the Doctor of Business Administration—is an applied doctorate. It’s designed to help you develop practical, specialized knowledge to compete in an increasingly complex world. ANOBS’ online DBA degree will help you develop higher-order thinking, with an ability to survey, analyze, and synthesize the latest scientific, business or technological developments, and then apply these skills to solve problems within your business or field of practice.

The online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programme is a professional doctorate for senior professionals looking to advance their careers by enhancing their leadership capabilities and experiencing first-hand the power of an innovative, research-backed approach to today’s workplace challenges.

Equivalent in status and challenge to a PhD, this programme encourages the development of doctoral-level thinking and research skills across key contemporary management areas through its distinctive critical learning and  research approach. Students can access the programme 100% online or can choose to engage face-to-face with each other and with ANOBS faculty during optional residencies on campus of our partner institutions worldwide. A unique aspect of all doctoral programmes at ANOBS is the close guidance and individual consultation provided by a designated professor (thesis director) throughout the dissertation process.

The  DBA degree is extremely focused and personalized; up to 80 percent of the DBA program can be devoted to a doctoral dissertation of your own selection and corresponding to your particular interests and areas of expertise.

Students of the DBA programme develop a deep understanding of the challenges and risks faced by businesses in the 21st century, and the ability to continuously apply this knowledge in practical contexts. Graduates can expect to emerge with enhanced critical thinking and decision-making skills, making them strong leaders ready to reach the highest levels of professional excellence.

The competition for business leadership positions has never been more intense. With an online DBA degree from Alfred Nobel Open Business School, you can attain the ultimate academic degree in the field, develop the highest-level expertise in your specific subject of interest, all while gaining an undeniable competitive advantage over the competition.

What to Expect:

  • Entirely online
  • One doctoral research project (Dissertation)
  • No compulsory residencies
  • Maximum Two Specialization Courses only  (Reading & Test)
  • No classroom attendance
  • Graduation in six months

DBA in International Relations

Since the establishment of the School, the DBA in International Relations programme has been playing a leading role in the institution’s international research and education. Gaining an accurate understanding of the increasingly prominent role of the global issues is important in the postgraduate study of international relations.

ANOBS registered in Hong Kong, can boast of achievements in both Asian studies and Chinese studies, however, the programme is not limited to providing education to those who are interested in such areas. With various international students, including not just the geographically close Asian countries, but also those from African and European countries, the open programme platform provides a suitable forum for debate over the changing field of international relations. This program is interdisciplinary and emphasizes diversity, intellectual integrity, and critical analysis. DBA in International Relations programme prepares candidates for careers as researchers, as well as positions in the government, private, and public sector.

This programme is based on a combination of open coursework and research examining theory as well as the essentials of conducting ethical quantitative and qualitative research. Candidates will study topics of international communication, international development, protocol, consular practices, diverse diplomatic policies, peace and conflict resolution and regional issues.

We admit selected candidates and tailor the international affairs program based on each one's interests and career objectives. The highest academic standards are sought in the coursework as well as in the methodology, research, and writing of the doctoral dissertation.

DBA in International Management

The DBA in International Management at ANOBS focuses on the strategic, managerial and organizational aspects of the management field. This programme aims at training professionals in the skills and competences related to the systematic investigation of various issues and problems in the area of their study. At this level, the study is expected to provide new and original insights into the problem or the area under investigation.

Some of the greatest intellectual challenges of our time are emerging from the broad fields of business and management. ANOBS open programmes reflect the changing world of business, society, and education preferring exploratory, constructive and confirmatory case studies. Through intensive course work, participation in research seminars, and supervised research, students who complete the DBA program are expected to conduct both theoretical and empirical research at the highest international level.

In addition, the program leverages knowledge and abilities of research faculty in the related management information systems doctoral programs. Applicants to the program are expected to have developed a firm understanding of management field including focuses on competence: organizational behaviour, organizational theory, and international strategic management.

Our students receive rigorous training in basic and advanced statistics and research methodologies. Our mission is to achieve leadership — through thought and action — in the global world of management, providing a great research environment for a truly academic career and producing future leaders in business research.

Doctorate of Business Administration in Sports Management