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Official visit to Hoa Sen University in Vietnam

High-ranking academics of Alfred Nobel Open Business School (known as ANOBS, Hong Kong) and Kodolányi University of Applied Sciences (Budapest, Hungary) were received by Vice-President Associate Professor Nguyen Noc Vu of Hoa Sen University (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) in February 2020. Led by Professor Péter Szatmári, Special Adviser to the Rector of Kodolányi University of Applied Sciences, Associate Vice-Chancellor of ANOBS the delegation participated in a series of productive discussions, whose aim was to create a rewarding work relationship among the three institutions. The issues addressed during the talks encompassed student exchange, joint degree, pathway, and short programs, talent cultivation, and scientific research in various academic disciplines. Professor Szatmari acknowledged the importance of the talks and the potentials of the tripartite collaboration, as Hoa Sen University is a leading private institution in Vietnam, known for quality in education, training, and internationally recognized research for community. He also emphasized the importance attached to the increasing use of digital technologies through tried and tested online platforms that ANOBS will happily place at the disposal of students and partner institutions.

Chargé d'affaires ad interim Gabor Rostas of the Consulate General of Hungary to Ho Chi Minh City and Rtd. Lt-General Dr. László Botz, President of the Hungarian-Vietnamese Friendship Society also honored the discussions with their presence and expressed their satisfaction with the emergence of a new and promising relationship. Dr. Botz remarked that the Hungarian consular mission in Vietnam will be particularly supportive furthering the broadening scope of what he called a "pioneering" collaboration on account of its global dimensions and its adjustability to Hungary's Global Opening Policy in the fields of education and scientific advancements.

In an attempt to partner with one of Vietnam's first, officially recognized private universities in its effort to create and maintain the rapid, sustainable, and humane development of the Vietnamese and regional economy and society, Professor Szatmári gave voice to his desire to foster friendly and professional relationships among the three parties with respect to prospective projects. He added that the newly forged collaboration will also help strengthen the traditionally good diplomatic ties between Hungary and Vietnam.

Scientific cooperation in tourism education with Nha Trang University

Associate Vice Chancellor of Alfred Nobel Open Business School (ANOBS, Hong Kong) Professor Péter Szatmári conducted a series of talks at Nha Trang University (Nha Trang, Vietnam) in order to foster advancement in scientific and educational cooperation between the two institutions. NTU is one of 50 public universities in Vietnam with more than 50 years of history and development. 

The aim of the talks was to design new ways of providing comprehensive international programs through the digital platform of ANOBS to empower the talented students of Vietnam to participate in quality education. Professor Szatmári expressed his desire to collaborate with Nha Trang University with the aim of becoming a world leader in the rapidly emerging field of edu-tourism industry. During the discussions the parties agreed to offer one another exceptional support  to integrate the new educational platform into regional studies to ensure that students and faculties will meet the needs of the socio-economic development of Vietnam.