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BRUSSELS 8 October 2018  - Two weeks after the opening of the new academic year, the Board of Trustees, in keeping with the recommendations of the Board of Directors of Alfred Nobel Open Business School, conferred the title of doctor honoris causa upon Hon.Aykut Eken, President of the World Federation of Consuls (FICAC).
Dr Rudolf Sárdi, Interim Dean of the institution traveled to Brussels to hand over the highest distinction to Hon. Eken on the occasion of the 12th World Congress of Consuls: Grand Opportunities in the New Globalized World. The event, held among the imposing walls of the Senate of Belgium, was attended by over 300 honorary consuls and government representatives from all over the world, including HE Ambassador Dr. György Suha, Ministerial Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, who elaborated on the inseparable nature of higher education and diplomacy. Ambassador Suha praised the efforts of Alfred Nobel Open Business School for its starting of a new degree program specially designed for Honorary Consuls. He said that "this pioneering enterprise will help honorary consuls gain better recognition and more visibility in the world of diplomacy, in their home countries and abroad."
In his investiture speech, Dean Sárdi presented a concise synthesis of the intellectual, practical, and ethical impact of the contributions of Hon. Eken, stating that "the World Federation of Consuls has deepened interpersonal relations and consular brotherhood" during his presidency. He also praised Hon. Eken for participating in the highest acts of cultural and diplomatic exchange in a world,where the mono-cultural sidelines all lead to the heart of interculturality.
Dean Sárdi also added that the value of the doctor honoris causa title lies in the good deeds and future plans of its bearer. In his response speech, Hon.Eken promised in due solemnity that he would "spare no efforts to connect the consuls of the world ... with pride, appreciation, and perpetual fidelity to the academic world."