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Academic programs


Dr. Rudolf SARDI, PhD, MBA

Dean of International Studies
Global Outreach and DBA Programs
Director of the Institute of Human Sciences

Prof. Dr. Peter SZATMARI, CSc

Associate Vice-Chancellor
Director for Europe, Middle-East and Africa

Ass. Prof. Dr.h.c. Alexander ROVT, C.Sc.

Associate vice-chancellor
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

News and Events

Official visit to Hoa Sen University in Vietnam

Senior instructors and researchers of ANOBS and high-ranking participants from Hungary paid an official visit to the leadership of Hoa Sen University (Vietnam) in February 2020. The visit has been a resounding success.

ANOBS graduation ceremony

Our much-awaited ANOBS graduation ceremony is a major highlight of the academic year, and a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the hard work and academic achievement of our students

Cooperation between Cambodian and Lao universities

Cooperation between Cambodian and Lao universities was the focus of the high-level visit of the Board members of ANOBS in Southeast Asian countries.


The Board of Trustees, in keeping with the recommendations of the Board of Directors of Alfred Nobel Open Business School, conferred the title of doctor honoris causa upon Hon.Aykut Eken, President of the World Federation of Consuls (FICAC).



Alfred Nobel Open Business School is committed to ensuring fair and equitable policies and procedures are in place to assist students in the payment of fees to the School. This policy and procedure have been developed to facilitate the granting of scholarships, which we’ve copyrighted as the Fair Grant policy.


Our degrees

The acceptance of any degree (online or otherwise) varies from from company to company. There is no rule graved in stone that all future employers will accept it. Our experience shows that 95% of our graduates have either found a job or got promoted after the completion of their studies.

Acceptance of DBA degrees is always entirely at the discretion of each receiving institution or employer. It also differs depending on their own policy, and the country where they are based. It is always best to enquire first with your desire employer and also coordinate with the helpful members of ANOBS Customer Services.

Alfred Nobel Open Business School does not issue the legalization of the degrees. Upon special request, ANOBS can act as an intermediary agent to provide an all inclusive service to the graduates that require the authentication and translation of their degrees. Due to the high costs of this process, ANOBS accumulates the degree legalization orders from the different graduates, and organizes the authentication once a year only. Once the process is completed, the legalized degrees are collected by ANOBS and sent to the corresponding graduates.